Just love…

I had some very hard weeks or if I would be honest with myself, I had a hard time to pass. i don t know, if it s already the right moment, to use the past tenses … but i will try and hope so.

Inbetween this time my carring power was one simple and powerfull feeling: love. Only that i had several times where i lost my connection to that power. Too many doubts, too many bad influences, too many fears… all were hiding my source of power… and sometimes i had to dig really deep, to get back to what i want to be, what i want to follow and to see again, what is important.

The small fragments of love always helped me to find a way back to my source. And the love for my babies, my family, my friends and my love, but also the love for myself, finally put me back on my feet.

This overwhelming emotion in moments when u are lost is just love…and i can t say anything else, than thank u for this guiding light in my life!



Don t forget what is important for yourself in life. Take one of the most basic parts of your being and keep it in your heart… and you will not get lost, when the times are hard.