“I will run away…”

If your love tells you: “If we don’t stop fighting, I will run away…” There is nothing much to say about it.

I always wanted to write about the small fragments of love, which we might not see in daily life or which are sometimes hard to recognize in all this fast way of living. This phrase just pierced my heart and as sad as it is, it’s still a fragment of love. It’s my fragment – this time not ours.

I could just answer, if this is what you want to do, just run. You also could just go or leave, you don’t have to run. If my love can’t hold you back, how else should I keep you than?

If somebody has the feeling, that he or she wants to run, there is no possibility to stop that. You can cry and you can beg, but the person will not stay because of that. Maybe your love will stay a little longer, because you still get to his or her heart – but in the end there is no way to hold somebody, who needs to run. I know what I am talking about, I was running once myself. The feeling of freeing yourself while running is just amazing. What ever might come after, it’s not in your hands and it’s not in my hands neither. It never has been actually. Just be aware of that.



Don’t have any.


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