When you fall for love…

Love comes in many ways and so do relationships. There is that prototype of a relationship, created by the church, by movies or the mainstream-idea. You date, you get closer after some experiences, you move in or you marry or both. You will have children. Happy Ending (or break up).

But in reality there is a wide variation of relationships. Everyone has its own story to tell, and everyone is worth listening to. I think a lot of relationships actually strand because of that prototype in the head of lovers and the expectations that come alongside, take the wind out of love’s sail, before they even reach the sea.

When I came to Cameroon, I did not expect to meet love. I was not even looking for it, but I was open for the people. I went out with some people and I ended up, seeing one person again and again. Feeling comfortable in his company, waiting for the next good talk, having long walks, spending long nights listening to music and so on… Till I noticed I fell for him. The very moment, when you have to admit to yourself the truth, did not get to me for a long while, because I didn’t want to face it. I refused to make up my mind about the situation, as all my expectations and ideas of relationship, did not fit to the existing setting. The harder I tried to get out, the more I got into it.

We tried to draw a future, but every picture stayed like those watercolor pictures – blurred. The only thing, we could really agree on, was: “Let’s try.”

Against all my expectations and all the advices I got, I accepted the love, which came to me by chance. I stayed open and I went back to Europe. I did not know how to make it work, but we tried.


You may never know when loves crawls in, not even how to keep it or how it’s going to work out. You may never know what to expect, even though you have all these prototypes in your mind.

All  you can do is try to stay open for the miracle to take you on its own journey, while you write your own story and draw your own map.

Finally, love will not just hit you like a stroke, there will be more than just a moment – a little fragment of it. If you stay open, it’s going to change you somehow. 



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